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In June 2001, the Frederick area Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated women decided to pursue chartering a chapter in Frederick, Maryland. After meeting with the North Atlantic Regional Director, C. Edith Booker, in June 2002, the “Clustered Pearls” interest group was formed. The name was coined from the cluster spires, which are a known attribute of downtown Frederick. Additionally, the North Atlantic Region is divided into Clusters, so the name seemed very appropriate.  


The Clustered Pearls performed many community service activities in the Frederick area while working to establish a new chapter. On May 17, 2003, the Chi Theta Omega Chapter was chartered in Frederick, becoming the first predominately African-American sorority to be established in the Frederick, Maryland community. The grand luncheon affair was attended by the then Mayor Jennifer Daugherty, three former North Atlantic Regional Directors, Ruth Easley, Erma Barron, and Wilma Holmes Tootle, along with the North Atlantic Regional Director, Joy Elaine Daley.


Chi Theta Omega Chapter has had six past Presidents.

  • K. Yvette Foreman

  • Lauretta Kennedy-Walker 

  • Coleen Djouha

  • Linda M. Newman

  • Donna Anderson 

  • Sabrina Davis

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